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Endoscopy Unit

150049, 67 Oktyabrya prosp,
Yaroslavl, Russia
Phone/fax:     +7(4852) 72-12-94
e-mail:            endo-school@mail.ru                ICQ: 352-986-199

Endoscopy Department at the Yaroslavl Region Cancer Hospital Print

DSCN1855.jpg (1024 x 768) The Yaroslavl Regional Cancer Hospital was built in 1976 and was reconstructed in 2006 when the second building was added. The hospital employs at about 300 medical staff. For over 10 years our clinic for 500 beds has made great progress in the scientific domain as well as in practical work on developing new methods of detection and treatment precancerous lesions and early cancer.

DSCN1856.jpg (1024 x 768)The Endoscopic service at the Yaroslavl Regional Cancer Hospital was founded in 1988, and the Endoscopic Unit was founded in 2002, Sergey Kashin became the Head of the Endoscopy Department.

DSCN1851.jpg (1024 x 768)The Endoscopy Unit consists of 2 parts: outpatient and inpatient departments. Primary diagnostic procedures like gastroscopy, bronchoscopy and colonoscopy with biopsy take place in the outpatient department. There are 3 examination rooms in the outpatient department, a room for disinfection of endoscopic equipment, a recovery room and a registration office. High technological procedures like zoom-endoscopy, narrow band image endoscopy, high resolution endoscopy, endoscopic ultrasound, endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreaticography, and endoscopic operations carried out in the inpatient department. There are 5 examination rooms in the inpatient department, an X-Ray Operation room, a room for disinfection of endoscopic equipment, a recovery room, a doctor’s office and a registration office.

DSCN1852.jpg (1024 x 768)The main directions of scientific work are diagnostics and treatment of precancerous lesions and early GI cancer, screening of cancer. The department serves a base for undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate students of the Yaroslavl State Medical Academy. They have lectures and practical classes in oncology there.

DSCN1853.jpg (1024 x 768)The Endoscopy Unit provides a service to the local population of Yaroslavl and Yaroslavl Region. Between January 1st and December 31 year 2009, 7150 patients with different diseases were investigated at the Endoscopy Unit. The staff of the Endoscopic Unit consists of: 7 dedicated endoscopists, an experienced anesthesiologist, 8 nurses, 2 assistants and 2 receptionists. About 60 endoscopic procedures are provided per day. A lot of endoscopic investigations are conducted with intravenous sedation.

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