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Welcome to Endoscopy Country!

Endoscopy Unit

150049, 67 Oktyabrya prosp,
Yaroslavl, Russia
Phone/fax:     +7(4852) 72-12-94
e-mail:            endo-school@mail.ru                ICQ: 352-986-199

The Centre Print

centre1.jpg (1024 x 768)The Russian Endoscopy Training Centre is the first structure in Russian to be exclusively dedicated to training in digestive endoscopy and one of the first in the world to have been projected as such.

Creating our center, we consider the experience of European Endoscopy Training Center, Showa University Endoscopy Training Center, Kanazawa Medical University Endoscopy Training Centre.

centre3.jpg (1024 x 768)The Centre is located in a new building on the third floor. There is an interactive teaching room equipped with PC and LSD-panel and linked with the Regional Cancer Hospital’s Endoscopy Department for live transmission and permanently connected to internet. A wide choice of didactic material (educational videos, albums of endophotos, models of isolated organs) are used in our training courses. Training in colonoscopy is carried out with colonoscopy training model (Kagaku, Japan) and endoscopic station (Olympus, Japan). The Lecture room, which can host up to 50 students, fully equipped with Video-projection.

centre6.jpg (1024 x 768)This highly technological and state of the art scientific pole dedicated to training gastroenterologists, endoscopists, and surgeons, derives from the consolidated tradition in training that for years has been carried out at the Yaroslavl Regional Cancer Hospital’s Endoscopy Department.

The Courses cover a wide range of the clinical and technical issued: centre7.jpg (1024 x 768)

  • EUS
  • Endoscopic treatment of upper-GI bleeding
  • Bilio-pancreatic endoscopy
  • Polipectomy and mucosectomy of the oesophagus, stomach and colon
  • Endotherapy of the colon
  • Endotherapy of the oesophagus

centre8.jpg (1024 x 768)Furthermore, the Centre is also used by nurses who, assisted by doctor’s form the Digestive Endoscopy Department , participate as teachers and students in internal training courses.


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