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Report from the symposium “The Nurse’s Activities In a Modern Endoscopy Department” held on February 27, 2012 in Yaroslavl, Russia Print
Written by Administrator   
Tuesday, 20 March 2012 08:37

“The Nurse’s Activities In a Modern Endoscopy Department” symposium was held on February 27, 2012 in Russian Endoscopy Training Centre (RETC) ofYaroslavl State Medical Academy (YSMA) and Yaroslavl Regional Cancer Hospital (Yaroslavl, Russia) and first time in Russia was organized together with European Society of Gastroenterology Nurses and Associates (ESGENA) and Olympus Moscow. Symposium was attended by 60 participants, nurses and physicians, from all over Russia and the working languages were English and Russian. Opening session started with welcome and expert’s introduction from the Symposium directors: Head of Nurse Section of Russian Endoscopy Society (RES) Galina Belova, Director of the Yaroslavl Regional Hospital Alexander Senin, Head of the Endoscopy Department Sergey Kashin and Senior nurse of the Endoscopy Department Evgenia Korovina. On behalf of ESGENA Jadranka Brljak welcomed all the participants.

The theoretical session of the symposium had 5 speakers and a panel discussion covering topics such as endoscopy unit management, disinfection and reprocessing, colorectal cancer (CRC) screening, upper GI bleeding, ESGENA activities and future perspectives of nurses’ activities in Russia. The main topics of the lectures provided by the ESGENA representatives Jadranka Brljak, Dario Stipetić and the local faculty were: The role of nurse in modern endoscopy department (Jadranka Brljak, ESGENA), cleaning and disinfection in gastrointestinal endoscopy: ESGE- ESGENA guidelines (Dario Stipetić, ESGENA), reprocessing of endoscopes and accessories Alexander Subbotin, Nizhni Novgorod), the role of nurse in organization of work in endoscopy department (Evgenia Korovina, Yaroslavl), the official rules and laws regulating the work of nurse in Russia (Galina Belova, Moscow), CRC screening and upper GI bleeding (Sergey Kashin, Yaroslavl).

The second session included live demonstrations from Endoscopy Department of the Yaroslavl Regional Cancer Hospital presented by local faculty (Zavyalov D., Zakrevskaya E., Goncharov V., Gusev D., Gvozdev A., Rassadina E.). “This is the first time in Russia that RETC in collaboration with ESGENA experts offered live demonstrations during the core program for nurses. Live endoscopy gave the opportunity to present the state of the art of endoscopic procedures, discussing indications and technical tricks directly with experts,” said Sergey Kashin, the Head of RETC.

The afternoon portion of the program consisted of a three hours hands-on-training for nurses and physicians divided in 6 small groups. Hands-on- training was organized in the Endoscopy Department of Cancer Hospital in 6 rooms using pig stomach simulators, colonoscopy simulator, Endoscopic Medical Information System created by Yaroslavl state University, Olympus reprocessors and accessories, and focused on polypectomy, EMR with two-channel scope, ESD, clipping devises, colonoscopy techniques and modern computer based endoscopic management systems. “Therapeutic endoscopy is the most teamwork-dependent procedure and this course will give the nurses a chance to become familiar with the equipment in a setting that’s not quite so stressful as trying to do this in a room with sedated patient,” said Alexander Senin, Director of Yaroslavl Cancer Hospital.

During the symposium Russian nurses were interested in joining the ESGENA and were informed about ESGENA membership grants. “Russian Endoscopy Society and Russian nurses are interested in cooperation with European nurses. Evgenia Korovina from Yaroslavl last year presented the first Russian poster at 15th ESGENA conference in Stockholm and became the first ESGENA individual member from Russia. Now some of our nurses would like to be an individual ESGENA members, but we are ready to put maximum effort in joining ESGENA as association,” said Galina Belova, the Head of nurse section of RES.

“In general the symposium was very successful and offered nurse a fruitful opportunity of exchange about professional issues, current research results and new healthcare methods. Among the numerous interesting topics of the symposium the hands-on-training using pig stomachs simulators deserve special attention because it offered the real practical training in therapeutic endoscopy which is the most teamwork-dependent procedure of anything we do,” said Jadranka Brljak, the leading ESGENA expert.

This symposium was successful due to the ESGENA and RES experts’ activities, the efforts of Yaroslavl team, very professional Olympus Moscow team and Volga-tours team, the official operator of our symposium. It was organized in collaboration with Yaroslavl State University provided all technical aspects of live demonstrations.

Thanks very much to Volga-tours and Olympus team for a pleasant staying in Yaroslavl and admirable organization of a symposium. Especially thanks to Dr S. Kashin who gives full support to nurses in achieving their goals.




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